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Relay Rewards FAQ's

What are the benefits of the new Relay Rewards program?
With Relay Rewards, volunteers will experience a new way of being recognized. They will earn points through fundraising and other specific actions, then be able to spend those points however they wish. Volunteers do not have to wait until after the event to redeem their points for Relay branded merchandise, as soon as they have the minimum balance of 250 points they can redeem. Conversely, volunteers that do year-round fundraising can wait to redeem until they are ready to redeem.
Another benefit is that volunteers will be able to redeem points for more than one item. Previously, if a volunteer raised $500, they could only redeem for one item from the $500 level or any level below. In the new system, if a volunteer has 500 points, they could redeem for one 500 point item or for two 250 point items if they wish.

How long will it take for points to be reflected in a participant’s account?
Data is processed twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, it could take anywhere from 2 – 5 days for a participants point balance to be updated once fundraising is credited to their personal fundraising page or action is taken.

How will a participant find out their points balance?
Participants can log onto ShopRelayRewards.org at any time to find out their current points balance. They will also receive a quarterly points statement via email.

The new Relay Rewards program is launching in March, 2019. Will participants get credit for the fundraising and actions that earn points before the program launches?
Yes, participants will retroactively get credit for any fundraising and actions taken since their 2019 Relay For Life event website has launched. All data for this program is tracked through the event website.

How does this new program affect Grand Club and All-Star incentives?
The Grand Club and All-Star program will remain unchanged as an additional level of recognition, based solely on fundraising. A participant cannot earn Grand Club or All-Star incentives through the point system, it will be based strictly on their individual fundraising efforts.
Once a participant has reach Grand Club ($1,000) or All-Star ($2,500) status, an email will be sent to the participant in recognition of their achievement with information about how to claim their Grand Club or All-Star recognition item.

How does this program affect the Team Fundraising levels?
There are no changes to the 2019 Team Fundraising Club levels (signs and stickers) or incentive program for teams that raise $25,000+. Please reference the Team Fundraising Club flyer for the additional information on this program.

Will volunteers without an email address be able to participate in Relay Rewards?
Yes, but the communication and redemption process will be different. Participants who qualify for Relay Rewards without an email address will receive their points statement and instructions on how to redeem two weeks post event via regular USPS mail.

Who do I contact if I have a question concerning my order?
Please contact Customer Service at 1-866-802-2544 or via email at RelayRewards@Halo.com. To expedite service, please have your sales order number ready.